4 Kiss-Inspired Darjeeling Tea as Gifts

We may be tending towards the end of our summer months but are always magnetically drawn towards the serenity and freshness of the Spring time and Spring time actually starts from Valentine’s day. The 6th of July is yet another momentous moment which is often referred as the Valentine’s day of the Summer months. There isn’t any moment better than the first sign of Spring after the long chilly winter months. It may be in the form of fresh flora and fauna around you, the smell of air, the swiftness in the wind or in the twittering of our little friends.

Ever wanted to know how you would like to get the most out of this momentous day, the so called: miniaturized Valentine’s Day in Summer. Being a Darjeeling tea fanatic, the only important thing that goes about and around our horizon is tea. We take this opportunity by suggesting all tea nerds about how this momentous day may be celebrated with four of our best Darlings. Yes, you heard it right. Four of our very best Darlings.
Hence, we present before you some of our Darlings from the Spring months and a few from the Summer and hope that they take you back to an imaginary journey in Spring time and bring you back to reality.
The first to have caught the fancy of any first time first flush Darjeeling tea drinker would be the sensuous one from Margaret’s Hope first flush 2015.


Darjeeling First Flush Tea 2015, Margaret’s Hope Tea Estate, AV2

Just by taking a look at the leaves would make you feel that you are in a wonderland. (mind! we are not yet in Alice’s world yet). Springy, fresh, fluffy, woolly, delicate, floral, fragrant,… we may run our of our quota of adjectives to describe the experience one may have, just by beholding this creation. AMAZING. The Artist has created this special one in his spare time. When you sip this, do remember to call us back to let us know how deeply magical the journey it had been right from the time you held the fragile and fragrant the leaves, the brewing, (aromas, et al.) and the satiation after the cup. Thematically, such teas are also, a kind of reminder to our distraught self that good things have just begun.




Darjeeling First Flush Tea 2015, Goomtee Tea Estate

To take you further deep down into the grassland and make you experience the true virtues of Spring would be Gomtee first flush 2015. Thin, evenly rolled. Delicate. Its made with such perfection that makes us ponder: How will the creator better this next time around? And justifiably so. This is so perfect.

Simply put, this is poetry, versed in leaves.





Darjeeling Black Tea, Goomtee Tea Estate, Oolong

Every journey has a U-turn, and we take our journey back with a first flush 2015 Oolong from Goomtee again. The intensity and profile, that this tea has makes it fit for the in-between. This surprise package has nether the characteristics of a first flush tea nor does it fit as a second flush, even thought it was crafted during the peak of Spring time. Malty, honey, strong but subtle musk! Musty nose reminiscent of wood but in common parlance, burnt sweet smelling cookies. YUM.




Darjeeling Second Flush Tea, Jungpana Tea Estate,

Deep musk from the champion of muscatel is stong enough to break the strings of fantasies you were enjoying as we we took you back in imaginary flight to goddess of Spring. Perfect for any occasions to refresh you instantly with its melodious musk like notes and plenty of punches to make your day. We called it The Signature Musk.





Which one of these can make yours a momentous one on this day?

Happy Sipping!